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What was once just a way to stay in touch while away from home or out of the office is now an integral part of everyday life. So many people live their lives on their phones, storing their personal information and recording almost everything they do, that cell phones have now become a prime target for spying software.

Spyware is any software program that records information about you or what you do on your phone without your knowledge, whether it be on your home computer, work laptop, tablet or cell phone. Most spyware is installed by either convincing the user to visit a corrupted site and then exploiting the software to install the spyware, or by the user choosing to install a program that contains spyware.

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There are also dedicated spying apps out there that someone could install on your device if they have access to it for less than a minute. A lot of spyware falls into the creepy-but-benign category, and can even be put in place by your phone's manufacturer. This software tracks your physical movements and Internet use in order to better target you with advertisements. It's a little scary to think about, but this type of spyware rarely has any direct effect on you or your information.

Other types of cell phone spyware, however, are something to worry about. These programs are designed to gather your information to use in identity theft or corporate espionage, or even to spy on you directly by accessing the camera and microphone in your smartphone.

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As mobile devices get more and more like computers, and get used in more business settings, expect this kind of spyware to become only more prevalent in the future. If you want to stay safe from spyware, your first step is to try to avoid it altogether.

This isn't always possible, but by following just a few simple rules you will find yourself far less likely to wind up with any malicious programs on your phone.

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First, avoid installing any third-party software on your devices. This means that the only apps you should use are the ones available through official channels such as the App Store or Google Play. Even then, and especially if you use an Android device, only install applications released by trusted developers that have a good amount of positive feedback.

Third-party apps are rife with malware, and even some applications that make it onto the official stores may have spyware capabilities. In that vein, always check app permissions when you install the app.

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A navigation application is obviously going to need access to your phone's GPS, but a note-taking app certainly does not. If an app asks for permissions that seem odd, stop the installation and avoid the app altogether.

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